Monday, May 7, 2012

One more spiderweb block

I made one more spider web block today.  I was going to make one every other day; by now I would have 6 but that didn't happen. I had a few other things I had to do. I finished the second block today and squared it up and there were some problems. First, I could see that some of my points were going to get cut off and second, the blocks were not the same size. I suspected that this would happen with all those bias edges. I trimmed the second block to fit the first one and sewed them together to see how bad they were going to look.
Well, I like the colors and I like the pattern. I think I know why my points are cut off so I will keep going. I think I will make 2 more today. I thought I had to go out tonight but I had the dates mixed up; so I have a bonus evening and nothing I want to watch on TV.  Maybe I will do better with the next few  blocks. I am eager to see if I have the problem figured out.
I have found a paper for foundations piecing that works very well. I bought a package of plain old
manila drawing paper and it tears away so easily it practically falls off.

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