Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rail Fence

I quilted a Rail Fence quilt for my friend Debbie; it is a sample quilt for quilt camp and she didn't have time to get it quilted. I just did a simple grid of curvy lines with variegated thread. She bought Superior King Tut thread; this is the first time I have used it and it is very nice thread.
Now that my space is cleaned up and set up for machine quilting I will get started on the Spiral Log cabin quilt and maybe put together the T shirt Quilt. That one is all quilted in four sections. I tell myself there is no hurry to get that one finished because John won't be home for at least a month (and it has been 2 years since I was given the T shirts). However..... time goes by quickly and when I have a lot of time I usually end up rushing at the last minute. Maybe I should do the T shirt quilt next. 

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Lori said...

Brady pulled me over to the 2 hanging at the church. He especially loved your citrusy colors.