Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready to Quilt

I am ready to quilt the small spider web piece.I worked on the piano key borders yesterday on and off and finished them up and sewed them on about 11PM. I layered it up this morning and as soon as I put away all of the strings and things from my scrap stuff I will start to quilt. That could take a while as I want to put them away in some sort of order so they will be ready to use again soon. I want to get back to the converging corners quilt.

I had intended to use solid yellow for the inner border but I thought it just washed out. I tried a strip of the orange print to see how orange looked and I liked the print. I decided not to go with a strip of the same size for another narrow border. I will just use the orange print for the binding.

In between working on the borders I took a 6 hour break and we went to the arboretum and then a long ride to see the herons. I didn't get any pictures of the herons because I didn't think there would be anything that was worth seeing that would show up on a snapshot. There was a lot going on but nothing I could have caught on camera. There are babies in most of the nests and with binoculars you can see them sticking their heads up when the parents come with food. There was always one parent standing on the branch where the nest is. 
We did get these shots of one little goose family at the arboretum. We saw them in the same spot a week ago and the babies were half this size. While we were watching them the babies all decided to lay down an take a little  nap.

We really made the stop at the arboretum to get pictures of the rhododendrons. We have been watching them for a few weeks and they started opening a few days ago.


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