Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Friendship blocks

I am finally caught up to date with my blocks for Friendship group. we  were asked for 31/2 " and 61/2  inch blocks. The first 3 inch ones turned into 6 inch blocks because Judy asked that the outside logs be at least an inch and I just started out with out paying attention to the size of the center square. It is not a difficult block once I gave it a little thought. Judy gave us a Zip lock with some various size strips and asked that we use those and some of our own. she wanted yellow in some of the blocks. I think the yellow is a great accent color here. I am really looking forward to our Friendship meeting tomorrow I have missed too many meeting this year.

I also got the piece of jewelry sewed on the wedding dress. It was a picky intimidating process. I wanted to do it so it will hold but also so that it can be easily removed it if she changes her mind.

Not much  no more sewing will be done this week .  I have to catch up on some Quilt Camp fabric buying handouts for our fabric meeting with the teens on Saturday (that is also the day of the wedding). After this Saturday I will have two weeks with nothing much to do until Quilt Camp the last week of the month. I am probably being delusional about this there will more than likely be a bunch of things I need to do.

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