Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quilt Camp Thursday

Peace and quilt at 9AM
At 9AM this morning there were only 2 of us adults and no young quilters yet. Our starting time is 10 O'clock.You can tell that there has been a lot lot of progress because the design walls are either empty of hold mostly finished tops  need borders or only need a few more blocks sewed into the body of the quilt .
I know there was a lot of activity all day but I got only a few photos because I spent a lot of time today over in another room. We had some big tables there for layering the quilts. Everyone is moving along and getting their quilts nearly finished. We are having most of the quilters layer their quilts and turn them pillow case style. One of the quilters wants to finish hers with binding; most of them are happy to turn them and just stitch along the edge to finish. With the time restraints we have we had to make some decisions about how much we could realistically accomplish in 5 days.
3 PM Empty design walls are showing our progress.  

Her way

One of our  young quilters was determined to do it "her way". In the end I  gave up and let her do it. It didn't require any extra work for the adults and it worked with her backing and with the size batting that was precut. Truthfully, I kind of like it. the design has good balance and the new pattern does have a logical flow. When I took this pic she was sewing the pair of blocks together for the left upper corner.  
Tomorrow is our last day and we hope everyone will leave with a finished quilt. Anyone who hasn't finsished can come to our regular meeting on July 14 and we will help them finish.

  Come back tomorrow to see the finished quilts.


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