Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another small finish

 As I was  starting to put things away after finishing my little zentangle inspired flower piece I came across this. It had been layered with Warm and White batting and quilted. I had planned on working on something else but I  remembered that I saw this 4 patch made with 5 inch squares. There were two of these left over from something I made when our basement group was working through the exercises in the "Quilters Playtime" book.

I layered the 4 patch with Warm and White batting  and I trimmed very closely and carefully around the circle. I pinned the circle to the 4 patch and satin stitched around it. I had to stitch around it 3 times to get good coverage. I layered it with the backing and stitched over the lines inside the circle that divided the different patterns. That added an extra dimension to the quilting.

 I quilted the background (4 patch) with lines that radiated out from the lines in the circle using #40 Sulky white Rayon.  I added triangle corners for hanging to all 4 corners so it can be hung with any side up. I made the binding and stitched it  and finished it on the back by hand. It seemed fast because all the tedious stitching had been done another time.