Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Second Thoughts on my Big Mistake

It pays to quit for the day and start over after weighing all the options. I thought some for about ripping 4 layers of seams and decided that my first idea about moving the sashing on the third section to the other side was a better idea. It was not easy ripping out the one seam I might have pitched the whole thing if I had to take out 4 layers. What I did worked out well; I just had to trim off the batting and backing after I took out the sashing seam and I moved the batting and backing to the other side as well. I worried about the batting not being wide enough as it was already trimmed but because it was trimmed it was perfect I just join it with a wide zigzag stitch to the other edge. I always leave a generous amount to fold under on the backing so there was more than enough.
After I sew the sashing to the next section on the front I turn the whole thing over and I whip stitch the two batting edges together. Then I turn the backing under so it overlaps the seam enough that it will be caught when I stitch in the ditch along the sashing on the front.
I got all the hand sewing done today. I would have finished the whole thing but I had a little mishap and spent the afternoon in the emergency room  getting my forehead stitched up. I also have a black eye and a sore elbow. I didn't feel like sewing when I got home

Tomorrow being the Fourth of July and a family picnic I probably won't get back to stitching that last seam in the ditch and the binding until Thursday.

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