Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another finish

My previous post was really Friday but I didn't actually publish it and found it in my drafts after midnight so this is not really 2 posts in one day. (as if anyone cares) 

I did manage one more finish yesterday. This is another project for the circle challenge from the Basement Divas. I got the binding on with some faux piping for a little accent. I didn't stitch the hanging sleeves down (in the photoyou can see the little safety pins that are holding the bottom flap). I thought I would add some embellishments but I think sometimes that simple is just right and I am going to leave it as it is. However, I may change my mind, who knows. I won't be hanging this till next summer as it is almost time for the fall quilts to go  back up. Where or where did summer go?
Today was our Basement Divas meeting and the end of our circle challenge. As usual a few people finished, a few had not finished and a few didn't have anything today. There were no posts when i looked about today's meeting but I expect some soon. I will be adding my pictures.
I wasn't able to stay for the whole meeting as today was Jack's 80th birthday party. A little late but it takes some doing to get everyone together for anything. Four family members work in hospitals and one in a restaurant. It is not like everyone works Monday through Friday. Most of the family was there for the party and it was a fun time.

Everyone got a big laugh out of this card after someone asked if that was a picture of Jack and I and he said "yes and that is the woman on the right".
That's my man! he is so predictable.
Jack's sister was choosing tomatoes to take home from the garden. She is completely oblivious to all the laser tag artillery on the table which the great grand kids had abandoned in favor of riding around the driveway in an assortment of cars, bikes and trikes. Many of which had been outgrown by some of them so they were all the more fun.
Grace is the only girl among the 5 great grand children; she and her cousin Evan are helping to take the candles off the cake and licking the frosting off of each one.
This is what I took home. Fresh, ripe, right from the garden tomatoes are my very favorite food. I brought 4 of them home and one of them became a tomato sandwich soon after I got home. I didn't even miss the salt.


Annie said...

What a fun design for a summer quilt, Ruth! It will feel all new again when you bring it out for display next summer. Curious...what is the size?

kathyf said...

Happy Birthday to "that Man".
I have posted now.

Ruth said...

The quilt is 34 by 37. and I hung it up to see how it looks and my husband said to leave it for a while. I guess he likes it.