Friday, August 24, 2012

Another finish

I finished another one of my circle projects. This was what I started out to do when we embarked on the circle challenge. My inspiration was the "Rosies" from Diana Hire's book "Quilter's Playtime". Mine didn't look so much like the Rosies in the book, maybe because I didn't read all the instructions. There were some other people who  started out making Rosies but they didn't bring them to our final circle show and tell so maybe they didn't finish them either.
I consider this finished even though I have to finish stitch half of one sleeve down on the back. My left hand thumb and wrist were so painful that I gave it up for the day. When I am done I will block it to make it nice and square. I think I will  also put some beads or something around the center as I did not cover my edges as well  as I thought. I  wanted the center irregular and the background showing through but I didn't do a really good job with my satin stitching. This is about 24 inches square and the background is more pink than yellow. I quilted with purple and metallic gold thread with lines radiating out from the wedges.  Best thing I can say about it is that it is done (well almost).
Today I am meeting a friend from our church quilting group and we are cleaning out the quilting closet at church. It is a mess. We are not the only group who uses that closet but we have the largest area and it needs to be organized.

I have also been organizing some more at home. This is a picture of my closet right now. I have had, as my goal reclaiming some space and getting rid of one shelf unit so I can hang things in the other half of the closet. This is as far as I got. Jack is going to take the  one shelf unit out today and then I will put everything back. I consolidated and purged and maybe this time I will be able to keep it under control. 

We'll see! 

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Annie said...

I LOVE your circle design! It's very inspiring!