Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some days it's just right

Sometimes I think something is not going well and it is not going to be what I envisioned but I finish it anyway just to have it done and out of my mind. 
Tangle bird 11 x 14.25
Last night I thought this was not going to lay flat and the yellow background quilting was really bad. Today I finished it, I didn't take out any of the quilting because I couldn't find what I thought I might take out (not perfect, mind you, but I am OK with it). It is nice and flat and square and even the seam in the binding is invisible.

This afternoon I went over to see my great grandson get off the bus on his first day of school. I even got a picture. He had a big smile after he spotted his mom.

Later Jack and I went out to get something to eat. We stopped at the arboretum  and counted dozens of frogs in our frog spotting stops as we walked around the pond. At one spot, as we watched, seven different frogs hopped up on the lily pads or went skipping across the water, that was big excitement for us old folks.

It has been a just right day!


Annie said...

Ruth, I love your zentangle bird and plants! Perfect binding!

kathyf said...

Yippee for a great day.