Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Finish

I finished the binding on the Spiral Log Cabin quilt yesterday. I have it pinned up on my design wall for this photo. It is smoothed out on the batting on the wall and that makes it look distorted but it is really nice and straight. I really like this quilt. In person it  has luminosity which was a nice surprise. Almost all of the fabrics are floral and the border has a kind of color wash look to it. Jack calls this the Gigi quilt because the blocks look like G's. He asked what I am going to do with it using a tone of voice I have come to understand that he wants me to keep it. He also asked if it will fit our bed. I am going to use it on the bed as it fits the top of the bed from pillow to foot and hangs over the sides a few inches. I have a white furry blanket that fits like a coverlet and this looks good over that. I will take it off at night as the blanket is really warm but it will  be nice to snuggle under when I take a nap.


This is the back; I used extra blocks and piano key sections to stretch the yellow fabric. I have 2 yellow pieces left, about 6 x 8 and 3 x 8.

I sewed the binding on the rest of the place mats and I had some pieces of fabric left over. I made 2 more place mats for my daughter. When she saw the ones I was making for her daughters, she reminded me that she uses place mats too and that those are the colors she likes. It made me feel that I should make her something too. They are different, I just made something up to use what I had left. I will use the green fabric for the binding and with 2 wide strips of the pumpkin fabric for the backs.
 I still have a fair amount of decent size scraps left so I plan to make some mug mats. My goal is to use up all of this fabric except small  pieces to feed the small scraps and strings boxes.

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straythreads said...

GGGGGorgeous quilt!!! I see the Gs in it too! Well done