Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back to the scrap pile

Front and Back

This morning I finished quilting the last 6 placemats. I had finished 2 on Thursday with orange binding and decided that the orange fabric was the only one that looked really good. I had used all the orange that I had and I emailed the quilt shop and Beth at Cotton Pickers Quilt Shop brought it last night to our quilt guild gallery show where she was vending. That saved me a trip to the shop this morning.

I washed it this morning and while it was still damp I put in the freezer (makes ironing easier). While I was waiting for it to freeze I put the second side border on the Spiral Log Cabin quilt. I am suspending work on the last two borders until I decide what to do about the corners.

This was my original intention for the corners and I don't like it.   I made 4 Spiral log cabin blocks this morning and I was going to set them in the corners like the picture on the left. I don't like that either.

So, this is where I am right now. I think the inner border strips need to be  squared off and I am going to make another 4 blocks. I am thinking dark strips with light corner stones or maybe I will make framed squares with 3 inch squares and strips around them to make the blocks fit the borders.
Keep in mind that these borders will be quilted before they are added so they have to be accurate. I also have to piece the backing for the borders and I am working with barely enough backing fabric. I have a friend who says "there is nothing so easy that you can't make it difficult". She is right!

Right now
I am going to get my frozen fabric from the freezer
 and press it.

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