Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Progress

I was rattling around yesterday waiting for Jack to get home. I didn't want to drag out anything to start something new because I am getting  things together to take with me this week end for our church quilting group retreat. I have stacks of things I want to pack and I don't want to get them mixed up with other things.
I decided to quilt a few blocks on this spiral log cabin quilt.It has been layered up and pin basted for months.   I have not been eagerly anticipating quilting this; I thought it was going to be tedious. My reasoning was that I would do a few blocks here and there and eventually get it done. In reality, it was a breeze to quilt, I just followed the inside line of the dark spiral to the center and then kept going on the other side from the center out to the edge of the block and moved on to the next block. All my ditches are quilted. Why did I think this was going to be hard? I have 24 blocks quilted and 16 more to go.

I started this last summer using Beth Shibley's tutorial from Love Laugh Quilt. I loved the looks of her baby quilt and the tutorial is very easy to follow. I had decided to quilt this in sections with the body of the quilt as one section and then quilt the borders and add them. I had done the usual agonizing over the borders and finally decided on piano keys. I was not looking forward to getting out all the strips and making the piano key borders. Then I remembered something! Last week when I was cleaning EVERYTHING I came across something that had a little strip of selvage tied around it. I didn't really pay any attention to it but I knew it was something to keep because I had bundled it up. I set it aside and didn't even think about it until I was looking here.

These baskets are on the top of my bookcase and I put things there I intend to work on soon. I was really looking to a pattern I thought might be there.

I saw this in the basket and once again it registered as something to keep. Today I remembered it and looked at it and YESS! It is my 7 inch piano key border strips. I made them when I made the blocks.

 I will add them to an inner border strip and layer them with that yellow mottled backing fabric that was also in the basket. After they are quilted I will add them to the quilt.

I think I also have the batting set aside; I came across that when I was cleaning and I bundled and labeled all my batting odds and ends and I had these long narrow strips. I am glad I was too busy at the time to sew because I was thinking of cutting them for mug mats and other small things.
Should I say it again?
 things turn out
 Just Right!

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