Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Productive Tuesday

The first thing I did this morning was take everything out of the small coat closet just inside our apartment door. Jack told me it was gong to rain on Tuesday and it would be a good day to work on the shelves he promised to build. I have a very small kitchen and have been putting extra pantry items on the floor of the closet and in various unhandy places in the limited kitchen cabinets.
There are 4 shelves 12 x 24 inches and 14 inches apart. They fit under the hanging bar so we can still use it for our coats. This may not impress anyone who has lots of space but it sure makes me happy. I rearranged my kitchen cabinets also since I made some space there. Jack used my cutting table for a while while he was putting it all together so I took the opportunity to clean up in my sewing room and vacuum the  floor.

I have been working on the borders for the spiral log cabin for 3 days and they are finally on. I only accomplished a little yesterday. Today I finished the hand stitching on the back where I added the top and bottom borders. Then I trimmed off the batting along the edges to prepare for the binding.
This is how I decided to deal with the corners; I made 6 inch blocks with the green fabric squares making a diagonal line, I added a 2 inch strip to one side to make it fit the border and after I squared off the inner green border. My seam ripper is pointing to the strips I added.  
In this last picture the seam ripper is pointing to the corner that didn't fit right. I measured and pinned and unpinned and and trimmed and fitted and I still came out almost 1/4 inch short. At this point it is what it is. Tomorrow I will add the binding and then I will be done.  When it is all finished I will show pics of the front and back. Maybe I will also get the binding done on the placemats.

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