Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day with the Divas

Today was our Basement Divas meeting day. As usual it was a fun day I appreciated it all the more because we missed last month due to many other local quilting events and I also missed the Friendship block swapping group with many of the same ladies. It has been a good day. You can read about it here.

This was the kick off day for our black and white challenge. Everyone brought something related to what they are going to make. Some people had started already and others brought fabric to cut or magazines or books with the patterns they were going to use. That is everyone except me, I still have no idea.  That is until I came home.

How's this for black  and white and red?
Well.... actually.... this was up on my design wall. I was looking at it and thinking that I bought that fabric for something else that I never made. A year or two after I bought it, when it was still just sitting there, I used the fabric for a Hunter's star. Someone in my church group demo-ed the block of the month using the Rapid Fire ruler and I made my Hunter's Star with the fabric. I wish I could make the piece I bought that fabric for. It would work for all of the challenge rules. Wait! I still  have some pretty big pieces of that fabric I checked and they are still there. I can make the challenge piece any size so if I have to I can make it to fit with what I have.  This day has turned out even better that I thought. I am sure I was inspired by the company I kept today because that piece has been up on my wall for a month.

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