Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week of This and That

After I finished all the place mats and hutch mats I straightened up my space and looked at the stack of things I had sitting around to finish up. I wasn't really excited about some of them but I didn't have anything pressing so I worked on a few.
I  worked on this baby quilt that I had started along with a couple other people at our church group retreat. We have so much donated fabric that we really have to start using it. The trouble with donated fabric is that there isn't usually enough of one thing to make a whole quilt. Over a year ago I bagged up some colorful fabrics with some Kona Bone and instructions inside for making 3 different blocks with like components. I thought that if everyone made blocks we could make some row quilts.  There were a lot of bags still  sitting in the box and most of the blocks that were made went into this quilt. One of our ladies had put together a box with larger pieces we could use for background; we found some fabric we  could use for the in-between rows and some white for the strips between the blocks. I just needed to sew the row together at home. I  would have finished it but the backing I brought home was so thin you could see the front of the the quilt through it. I  am going to buy some baby print on a white background and something colorful for the binding.  I think we need to stick with one block pattern for a quilt, maybe something like pinwheels that goes faster. Maybe we should give up on having everyone make just blocks. Personally, I  am also more inclined to stick with lap quilts for nursing home residents as we have more suitable donated fabric for those quilts. Anyway this one is on hold until I get out to shop.

I made 3 more snack mats for the great grand kids. Now all the pumpkin fabric is used up, every last it of it. The ones with the striped  borders are 3/4 inch larger to better accommodate a drink and small plate. Now I am really finished with mats of any size for a while.

I started working again on the second tree skirt. I  used Annie's tutorial ,which is very good, I took it along to the retreat but never worked  on it. It is pretty much like the first one as I used the Blitzen charm packs like I did for the first one. I had previously sorted  out all of the squares in the order I wanted to put them together. I stacked each row and pinned it and stacked the rows in order. It went together pretty fast. I had worked out a way (for me) to keep everything in order as I have a tendency to get things mixed up.

After it was all finished I  found this on the floor. That pretty much explains why I had to take out some seams and  fix an area where in 2  places the same fabrics were next to each other. I had extra wedges that I had left over from making too many for the first tree skirt. I must have put them in with the rest when I was doing the cutting, then somewhere in putting it all together these fell on the floor.  Oh well........................... better too many than not enough. The final result has the correct number of wedges. I am making the Prairie  Points and will shop for a backing. 

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