Thursday, October 11, 2012

Long time no post etc.

I got an email from a friend today wanting to know if I was OK as I had not posted anything for a while. There is really not much going on and what is happening is not very satisfactory. Who wants to post or read about something that is not going well.

I am not happy about the baby quilt I have been working on  for church. The poly batting is very slippy, slidey and a pain to get pin basted, with many more pins than I usually use. and the quilting looks a mess. I am not sure what I will do. It is ready for binding and I need to buy something but I am not sure anything will make this good enough to give away. 'Nuff said about this.

I have one quilt top that has been hanging behind the sewing room door for several years. It is in 3 long sections ready to layer up and quilt and then put together. This picture is of 2 sections, that is all I have room to lay out.
I think the reason I never completed this when I made it is that I was intimidated by matching all those seams after quilting it. I am not worried  about that anymore. I have made a lot of quilts that I quilted in sections and it is no more difficult to match seams than when the whole top is put together before quilting.
I get this out from time to time and think about finishing it. Today I am looking at that bottom row and I think I need to make 6 more 12 inch blocks to go on the bottom of the 3 sections to  mirror image  those triangles to make them squares(that is 2 blocks for each section).  I made this after I had cut all my scraps into squares of various sizes and I know I have some of these same fabrics in my box of squares. I gave away all my 4 inch squares a year or 2 ago but I have cut more. There seems to be no end to all of my older pieces of fabric. I still have an over abundance of 3 1/2 inch squares cut. Maybe I will do this.....soon. I would really like to get his one done and gone. We'll see.
I  love making scrap quilts but sometimes you have to make something with all new fabric and maybe that is what I need to do. The Basement Divas will be starting a new challenge this month and I am thinking about doing it with all new fabric.
In the meantime while I am rolling all this around in my mind I will make my Friendship blocks for September and October.


straythreads said...

I like both your quilts!! my matra for sewing baby quilts for charity is No baby is going to cry over that. Whether is be seams that don't intersect properly or points that aren't pointy

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted again Ruth. I was worried about you too!
The baby quilt looks fine.
Anyone would love to have it.
I may have some of the squares you gave away, would you like them back?