Sunday, November 18, 2012


We are going out to our daughter's for Thanksgiving dinner but she has to work until 3:30 so her husband is cooking the turkey and everyone is bringing something. When several family members work in hospitals and some live out of town it is not easy to work out holiday times when everyone can get together.  I said I will come out to their house early so I can help so of course I need a new apron.

I was surprised to see that I have at least 3 apron patterns. I chose this one because it looks easy.  It was easy and the main part of the apron only takes one  23 inch square of fabric for the front and one 25 1/4 inch square for the lining or inside. You cut 2 1/2 inch strips for the bottom contrast and 3 inch strips for the ties and neck strap. After sewing the contrast fabric on the bottom, you layer the front and back squares with right sides together and the ties on the inside, pinned in place and sew all around leaving an opening for turning. . After turning it right side out you turn the corner down at the top and attach the neck strap to fit. Oh, I forgot to mention the pocket; I  think next time I might skip the pocket.

The pattern says this is figure flattering. To maintain that illusion I will not show a photo of me wearing it. It was east, fast, and will serve it's purpose of protecting my clothes while I cook. What more can I ask of an apron? I do not expect a new silhouette. Maybe if I sew cute buttons on the pocket and top flap it will look cuter and draw attention away from my unflattered figure.

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