Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sewing at a snails pace

Nothing has been moving along very fast here in my sewing room. Lots of routine doctor appointments and the like have all fallen around the same time; add to that a decision for Jack to finally have his cataract surgery (today) and there is not much time for getting anything done.

 It is probably a good thing that I have not been going full speed ahead (which isn't very fast anyway for me). I am learning a lot about sewing 60 degree triangles together. First I learned that it is best to work in diagonal rows when doing the sewing. then I found out how easy it is to get mixed up and turn something around. I started by sewing diamonds in each row then sewing the diamonds together in that row, completing each row as I went along. I had started on one end so the rows across on the diagonal were short which saved me from a lot more ripping of seams.I sewed about 4 rows before I came to the conclusion that I needed to sew all the triangles into diamonds in all the rows and put them back up on the wall before I started to sew the rows. I made one or more mistakes in every row up to that point.


Top row - sewed into diamonds
Middle row - whole row sewed
Bottom row- nothing sewed yet.
It is difficult almost impossible for me to line up the rows that have been sewed with the rows that  not been sewed at all and the rows that have been sewed into diamonds. Maybe you can see in the photo above how much different there is in the lengths. This is not an even symmetrical pattern that has an easy point of reference. It was just too easy to get something in the wrong place or oriented in the wrong direction. Still the construction is easy when my seam allowance is a good 1/4 inch and my seams are lining up. I am liking this enough to think I will do this again. I know what the pitfalls are so next time it will be easier. Right?

I am also making progress on the second tree skirt. I finally got out and bought fabric for the backing. I got the prairie points made and stitched on,  I am starting to move ahead.


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