Friday, November 23, 2012


We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday around 5 o'clock at our daughter's. She didn't have to work after all so I only had to help with a few things. My son in law and I peeled potatoes and I made the gravy which is my usual job. There were 17 of us and it was a very nice day.

It was also great granddaughter Grace's 9th birthday. Here we are together; she is licking frosting off her finger. Grace has shed her sweater, as usual. She is one of those warm kids who never seems to be cold. She used to take her clothes/coat of anywhere and everywhere. and we would have to go looking for them. We used to babysit all day every Tuesday with Gracie and her brotherand we almost always went to the Farmpark or one of the other metro parks. The minute we were in the door she would drop her coat on the floor.She was great grandpa's girl back then and I always played second fiddle. We both played second fiddle to grandma and grandpa (my daughter and son in law) and we still do.

This photo was taken at her brothers birthday party when she was almost 2. Her great grandpa Jack, who is looking very pleased with himself, first showed her how to snitch some frosting from the cake. Her maternal grandpa is in the background.
This is the next year at her brothers 4th birthday party and she is holding her new baby cousin and feeling very responsible. They sure grow up fast.                                                   


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