Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Finishes

I hve been looking over my photos to see what I have accomplished in the way of quilting this year. I know I am missing a few photos but not many. This has been a year of mostly small stuff.

First up are the larger quilts.
The T shirt quilt is large, it hung over the sides a little on my king size bed. The other quilts are really large throws which cover my king size bed from side to side and foot up to the pillows. the center quilt in the bottom row is a baby quilt about 40 inches square. I find the relating the size to my bed makes it easy to visualize the size.

All of these are from the Basement Divas' circle challenge. The citrus color Dresden Plate is a pillow. The rest are all wall hangings and this collage does not represent the true sizes. Along the way in arranging the collage the border on the black and white Zentangle inspired piece went missing; it is about 24 inches square and the other wall hangings are several inches larger in both directions.

 This next group is small stuff, there are 2 sets of "Take Four" place mats, one set of smaller Halloween snack mats and a set of 4 mug mats (I bet you can guess which ones they are). You can probably figure out that my apron is there too. 

 This last group is all of my Zentangle inspired pieces from this year. Once
again the collage doesn't represent the true size. the yellow bird is 11 x 14 and the turtle is about 8 1/2 x 11. The 2 Hearts are roughly 12 inches square. the 4 pieces on the left are smaller with the top "tangle Plant" maybe 5 x 7


I almost forgot the little hot pink heart, which is not quite 7 inches square. It is not quite as red as it appears  here.

 The last finish this year is the  "15 minutes of play" house. It is also the last thing I started this year. 
So there it is, mostly small things. I have some ideas for things I want to make in 2013, more houses  for sure. I have two challenges to do, one of them is already a flimsy. Maybe I will finish a couple of big things that have been hanging over my head more more years than I like to admit.
Maybe I will make a list of things to finish.
Maybe I won't.
We'll just have to wait and see!
Happy New Year Everyone.
Remember to count your blessings!

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