Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching Up

I have been falling behind in my posting, mainly because I have not been doing much sewing. Between trying to get my Christmas shopping finished and doing some of the things I had to do and losing days here and there because of vertigo, time just slips away from me.
I am finished with my shopping, all scheduled events and appointments are past, and I am feeling more nearly back to normal. I still have some gifts to wrap and then I can put away the wrapping paper etc and my sewing room and I will be ready to play.

This arrived yesterday while we were out shopping. I didn't open the book until after dinner because I knew dinner might not happen if I started reading it. I have done some of the exercises in the past but I see so many more possibilities, for myself or with a group, (the Basement Divas comes to mind). I am eager to start on something.

I am still  working on this; it has been on hold for a few weeks. I still have to sew the last 6 diagonal rows on the left.
This smaller photo shows how the right side really looks (before photo cropping). I am not sure how far I will trim back the right side; I am not crazy about the value of the darker background fabric on the lower right. When I had worked this out in EQ7 I had some red and black diamonds and triangles in the corners but I decided to "clean it up". Trimming it back like the cropped photo helps a little but I am not sure if it will be enough. There is no hurry as this Basement Diva challenge is not due until March so I can keep it up on my wall and look at it while I decide. 


Susie said...

Uh-oh! I thought target due date was April - I better get busy.

Ruth said...

I looked back through the Basement Diva posts and the date is April. No need to hurry.