Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lots of Snow

Today we had a lot of snow. That is not news to most of the people who follow my blog as they have experienced the snow first hand. I sat around and worried all day because many of our family members were traveling somewhere or other in the snow. I assume they all got where they were going safely as I have not heard other wise. I used to call them to make sure they were all safe and snug at home but I quit doing that after I called my daughter once when we were having a blizzard. I wanted to rest assured that they all made it home safely. One of the kids answered the phone and said that the parents were out shopping.   My daughter told me later she was not about to be stuck at home with 4 kids with no food in the house. I saw her point. However I decided that if  there is something I need to know I will find out abut it soon enough.
To occupy my mind, I took the top row off of the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt and took the row apart and sewed it back together lengthwise so I could add it to the side of the quilt. It was too long and narrow and I didn't want to make more blocks to make it wider because these are the blocks the kids made last summer at Quilt Camp and we want it to be made from the blocks that they made.

 After that I didn't have much too much to do. I read my " 15 minutes of Play" again and I decided that I would make some fabric. I had a small container on my cutting table with some scraps and I started playing. Of course I had to dig out a few more fabrics and then I got into my big stash of scraps that is more or less organized by color. I have so much stuff piled all around that I figure I might as well spend at least another day on this (15 minutes at a time).  
In the past I have made blocks using this method and I trimmed them to either 3 1/2 for star centers or 7 1/2 for alternate blocks. I trimmed  some to whatever size I needed for a block size and sashed them.. When I first started making scrappy blocks this way, about 20 years ago, I foundation pieced them to either paper or muslin but I hated to tear off the paper and sometimes I didn't get the last addition  pressed smoothly on the muslin and it kind of bubbled so I just started sewing the strips without the foundations. I waste a little more fabric that way but these are scraps, after all. I am going to make bigger blocks this time and start putting them together and add a few longer strips to make large pieces of fabric. I am not sure how big I will make this or what I am going to do with it but I am pretty sure I am going to cut it up again to use it. On the right side of this photo are two blocks that I put together and added longer strips on the right and top. It is about 15  inches long. I am not going to make my blocks square or even all the same size. When one looks like it is finished I will sew it to something else in whatever way I need to in order to make things fit. I think that sounds like a plan......
 For now!

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