Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taking Inventory

I got the Jellyroll taken care of; it is all fan folded in a nice neat stack and the beginning strip has the first 18 inches cut off . It is ready to roll or unroll or unfold or whatever.....

I looked through my box of items that I no longer want to keep and bagged up a few items. They may end up going to the Jellyroll race ( evil angelic grin on my face).

While I had boxes out of the closet and other boxes more easily accessible I decided I would have a look in my box of blocks. I had sent some to Beth at Love Laugh Quilt but I knew that I had more odd blocks somewhere.
Well, I found them

These are from the first "Quilt Along with Melody" In February 2010. If you are interested in my QAWM quilts, click on 2010, February in the right sidebar. These were left after I put together 2 wall hangings and one large throw.

These are some more blocks I made with some Kaffe charm squares and Jellyroll strips that I ordered online from somewhere. The price was good though the strips were crooked with big dips in the center. No matter, for this they worked out OK. I was going to make some more of the QAWM blocks and cut them in quarters. I decided I needed more light fabrics and I picked up a bunch of light Kaffe fabric at the NQA show but by the time I got around to working with the fabric I had lost interest in these blocks and I used most of the newer fabric for a lot of something else.

These are  2 - 8 inch blocks that I made as examples of the blocks I wanted The Friendship group to make for me. I ordered about 10 yards of Kona black so I could give everyone the black fabric to use (I didn't want a bunch of different black  fabrics in my quilt). the fabric did not come in time so I asked them to make a different block and little by little I used up all that black fabric. by the time the next year rolled around I wasn't interested in this block anymore.

This  bunch has some demo blocks from scrap classes I taught and some demos from our BOM at our church group and some experiments and in the lower left corner there is one Disappearing 9 Patch blocks made with 4 inch squares in the original 9 patches. I have quite a stack of those quarter block sections left as well.

 Most of this next group are log cabin leftovers, some spiral, some from my big king size all floral log cabin quilt and some from the year I made 9 Christmas log cabin quilts for my family.  There are some odds and ends of other things as well.

In this last group are some Disappearing 9 patch quarters that I cut one more time on the diagonal. sometimes you just have to go ahead and try it to find out that the result is not so hot.

Most of these leftovers and odds and ends were in a box labeled "blocks  for quilts". In the box I  had Triple 4 patch blocks from 2 years from the Friendship group and a stack of 12 inch Churn Dash blocks from another year and a bunch of blocks with fused hand prints that go with the favorite blocks of the makers of all the hand prints. Those 3 bunches all destined for quilts but the rest should have gone in a different box. I wish I had found them when I was packing up orphan blocks to send to Beth.

I thought I might do something with some of this, like an anything goes kind of quilt. However, as I sit here thinking about what I really want to do this year I think I should let go of them. For tonight, they are going into Quilters Friends other wise known as zip lock bags.

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