Sunday, January 20, 2013

The race

When our son was here for dinner on Wednesday I mentioned that I was participating a race on Saturday. He gave me a rather skeptical look and said O Kaaaay. Jack spoiled it by telling him it was "a quilt thing".

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Basement Divas Jellyroll Race. I was up early and as I was looking for something in my old posts I noticed that there were 2 comments on January 10. I get so few comments that I knew that there had been only 1 before. My friend Jan asked if I didn't want to fold my Jellyroll in half before I fan folded it and be ready to sew. YES, I do. The thought had skimmed through my mind when I was folding it but I dismissed forgot it. I had plenty of time this morning so I turned the fan folded Jellyroll on its side and put the two free ends right sides together and fan folded it again as I went along putting the strip RST. I still came in dead last.

Here is my flimsy. I was a little  surprised to see how the colors clumped together. With this method you never know for sure what you will get. I think I like it but maybe now as much as last year's race quilt.

Here I am admiring my trophy. there is a long story associated with this topiary. I think it started out as a table decoration at a quilting even about 10 years ago. I am not sure how the original possessor came to have it but it has been passed on again and again to unsuspecting "winners". Everyone alters it in some way before passing it on. I was afraid wondering if I was going to receive it at some time. Well..... now I am the proud possessor of it for a while.  
This quilt is our first  collaborative quilt. When we first got together after a long hiatus we were inspired by the books "Collaborative Quilting" and Collaborate Again", by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston.  
We brought blocks to a meeting and some members worked on making filler blocks and it was worked on now and then and put together over several meetings. We gave it to one member to quilt, Diane, who has a lot going on in her life and I was surprised to see it finished so quickly. Yesterday it showed up and it was won by one lucky member in a drawing by number. She said she has just the spot for it in her office.

Some of us are putting our minds to work and thinking about our
Second Collaborative Quilt.


Annie said...

I've been cutting Halloween fabric jelly roll strips with the plan to race it. I don't jump right into it because, for one, I haven't enough strips yet. But mostly because I worry about the colors clumping. I love those little white bits in yours. I think I'll plan some small pieces like that for mine. Most of these race quilts still look great even when the colors clump...but I still don't want them to. The collaborative quilt is awesome! Your group will have to continue that until everyone has one of those quilts made by all.

kathyf said...

Hi, I believe the topiary has been around for a good while more that 10 years, It was a door prize at a NEORQC retreat. Syd won it at our table but since Jan was in the Ladies when the numbers were drawn, she was told she won it. Later that evening Jan brought it to a birthday party, as a gift, for Mary's mom. And then the fun started. It has a wonderful history and is our prized "dead horse"
I can hardly wait to see what you propose as our next collaberative project.