Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday was our 61st anniversary and it was a beautiful day, for NE Ohio winter. Though it was cold and a bit windy, the sun was out and the sky was blue. We didn't do any big celebrating but we decided to get out of the house and go to a couple of our favorite places to walk around before we headed out to dinner.
We usually visit the Holden Arboretum several times a week in the summer and walk around the pond and count the frogs. The first thing we saw as we got out of the car were little yellow flowers, Winter Aconite, poking up out of the ground, Wow, that and the clear blue sky can sure do a lot to create a cheerful outlook.

Everything looks different in the winter. In the summer this pond is surrounded by blooming plants and along the edges of the pond there are lily pads and frogs., Sometimes we see a snake or two in the water but no frogs or snakes on Monday, just ice and snow around the edge.
After we left the arboretum we stopped at Penitentiary Glen, one of the Lake Metroparks, and watched the birds and chipmunks for a while from inside the building. There is a nice viewing area where you can sit and watch. This used to be a regular stop on Tuesdays a few years ago when we watched 2 of our great grand kids all day. We don't come here very often now but it is close to the arboretum so we stopped. 
It probably doesn't seem like a very exciting time but we were not really looking for excitement. It was just a nice time putting aside our separate interests and together doing something simple that we enjoy. It is nice knowing that after 61 years we still love each other and we are still best friends and and YES, we would do it all over again.


Lori said...

Congrats to you and That Man!

kathyf said...

I was just going to write what Lori did. Congratualtions,k