Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Surprise

New coasters and my old denim bag
WOW! Tonight when I  went to our Friendship group I got another nice surprise. Laura made this set of  5 1/4 inch coasters for me from a prize she won at the Jellyroll race in January.

I had bagged up a bunch of denim strips of various lengths that  were left over from weaving the denim strips for a vest. I made the 18 x 16 bag on the right from the strips I had left over from the vest and then I saved the rest of the left overs. I thought I would use them for something again but after 10 years or so of moving them around I decided they had to go.
Laura put flannel on the back and quilted rows of straight stitching close to the edges of the strips.


My bag has seen a lot of use and is getting kind or worn looking. My vest was a little too big and after I had lined and added batting to the back and then put binding around whole edge and the arm openings I didn't feel like taking anything apart to alter it. I wore it a few times and after several years I put in a box of clothes to give away.
I think this is the best thing yet from all those strips.

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