Saturday, April 27, 2013

15 minutes ? or more

I find it difficult to work for only 15 minutes but if I only had 15 minute intervals here and there I can see that I could still accomplish a lot. Yesterday, when I was working, I set the alarm on my cell phone for 15 minutes and then I set it for a 1/2 hour and then I set it for an hour. I am really not speedy and someone else would have accomplish more in the time I allotted, I'm like the tortoise instead of the hare;I keep going slow and steady.
I had the sewing room in order again and re-sorted the scraps by color and put them away. I had one box of small pieces that were to small to be of much use except as starters or centers for larger "made" fabric pieces. they were too small to put away with the larger strips and pieces (most people would throw them away). I started stitching pieces together to make "starters". It will be good to have shoe box of these on hand.
This is what I made yesterday. The largest pieces here are about the size of my hand and one or two of them are almost right to cut a 4 or 5 inch square. All the longer pieces have been put away for now so this is as big as these will get for the time being.

These five were  all made using something that had already been pieced. The two on top have pieces left over from the piano key border I just added to my Falling Charms quilt. That narrow red strip and the multicolor strip were trimmed off  the end of a strata.
The black and white  center was a left over 4 patch, the blue and yellow was a section of a Birds in the Air block that I sewed together wrong and the little red and black and white block was made with 1 1/4 inch HST's  that I put together from the pieces I cut away from connector corners ( I am never going to make a lot of those).

Starting next month the Basement Divas are going to work on making fabric, as in Victoria's  (Bumblebeans) "15 Minutes of Play" book.  We are all going to bring strips and chunks to put in a fabric pool for everyone to work on. I am bringing these along as starters for myself and for anyone else who would like to use them.  In the meantime I am going to see if I can use up this shoebox of little scraps.

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