Friday, April 5, 2013

A peek at a finish etc.

I finished the hand stitching on the binding the hanging sleeves on my Black and White plus Red for the Basement Diva challenge. My wrists and my thumbs are still complaining a little today but that will pass (at least I hope it will). I am not going to show the whole thing today because I am going to wait until April 20 when we have our big reveal. I have shown it in progress and here is a peek at the binding. I found this back and white Michael Miller Bar Code Stripe at a LQS and I cut it on the bias.

I am happy with it. I think I should probably print a label with the rules. I should have signed it with free motion stitching in a lower corner on the front. Maybe I can still do that.
I  have not been doing much other sewing this week. I have cleaned cabinets and drawers and have a pile of thing to give to my kids. I have boxes of keepsakes that are never looked at except once in a while when I go through things to declutter.

I found some of my daughters artwork, probably from 3rd grade; there are several  pages fastened together.
Below is a booklet of hers with what appears to be book reports or maybe answers to  questions about something the class read. I have no idea what grade this would be. I am impressed with the neatness of her hand writing.

This is my husbands Cub Scout scrapbook. It is at  67 to 70 years old as Cub Scouts were 7 to 10 years old when he was in Cub Scouts, maybe that is still the age range.

I meant to give this to our son along with his Cub Scout Log book. He was in scouts up through high school and he was a scout leader when his boys were in scouts.
I gave John his book on Wednesday when he has here for dinner along with some artwork and things he had made. There was a book from high school with poetry and essays and other writings of the students from English class as well as a few drawings from students. He appeared to enjoy looking at it.
I have some boxes yet to go through and I will be giving both of my kids some more things from their childhood and also things from their children.

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