Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I can't quit making fabric from scraps. I think my favorite way is to make squares about 5 to 6 inches but I sometimes trim one out at 4 inches because it tells me it is finished. I can always add something more if I decide it needs more when I actually use it in a project. I keep trying to put all this stuff away so I can go through all my note books and piles of paper in my letter trays and that I have stuffed everywhere in my book case. Every time I almost "get there", I spot a couple little scraps that happen to be laying together in one of the several scrap receptacles sitting on my cutting table. I think that I should sew them together before they get separated. As I said before one thing leads to another.

 So..in the upper left, this is my design wall with stuff all over it. There are some strips that I dug out of boxes of log cabin strips, some starters, some finished blocks, a strip set of green fabrics that I picked up last Saturday from the fabric pool table. Below is a closeup  of the finished 6 1/2 inch square in which I used 3 of those green fabrics and to the right is a closeup of the green strip set. I hesitated to pick up that 7 inch wide strip set because I didn't want to be greedy but someone talked me into it and I'm glad I took it.

 I decided that I would use some triangle paper foundations to make a specific size of equilateral triangles because I want to explore all the possibilities and not get stuck on just making squares.  I cut the papers with my small Clearview triangle ruler that I used recently for my Reticent Stars quilt. The top two shots were auditions as I was deciding if I wanted to separate the triangles with strips of Kona Bone. The bottom shot is the 8 triangles sewn together. I have a plan and I have spent my day working on it.
If you check back tomorrow
maybe you will see my finished project.
Maybe not!

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