Saturday, May 4, 2013

Final Tree Update of the Season, Etc

 The maple tree has filled out in the last two days and the Oak tree now has tiny little Oak leaves. From now on until autumn there will not be much of a change in the maple tree. Am I obsessed with these trees? I guess I am, the maple tree is so close that it is almost like being in the tree branches. When it is heavy with rain drops some of the branches touch the living room
 window and when it is windy they kind of tap against the glass.

The top two photos are taken from my sewing room window. The Oak tree , on the left is near our bedroom window and the top right is a shot of the maple.
The lower left photo is from our living room and I was standing about 5 feet back from the window, on the right is a close up of a branch that touches our window and I took the shot with my camera right up on the glass.

When I have not been admiring the trees I have been getting fabric bits and pieces ready for the  next Basement Diva meeting in two weeks. We got the guidelines for what we should bring and we have a loose outline of what we will be doing for the next meeting or next few meetings. We make the rules change the focus as we go along. Being the compulsive organized person that I am I have been separating small bits and pieces,  medium size strips, chunks and long strips. I was sorting by color as well but I probably don't need to worry about color. I think the plan is to put it all together, not sorted, into one (fabric) gene pool from which we will all select, either blindly or intentionally, a bunch to work with and just get started "making fabric". In keeping with our loosely organized tradition, what we will do with this made fabric and or blocks is yet to be determined.

Everyone is to bring a 1/2 yard of a favorite fabric that we will each be using  for continuity in our "made fabric". My 1/2 yard is in the top left in this photo group. On the right are some starters I made with small pieces that were not much good for anything else and below are medium and small pieces and longer strips and chunks. My organization has gotten looser and looser as I have been going through all my scraps. We are each to bring a shoe box full of fabric to put in the group pool and I think I am going to have to pack mine pretty tight and  probably everyone else will too.

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