Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt Camp 2013 Day 3

As usual I underestimated how long it would take to accomplish a step. We did not complete all 9 quilt tops by the end of our second day. By the end of our third day (today)  we have 4 completed flimsies, 2 that are only missing the borders, and 2 that are very close to having all the blocks sewed together.

These 4 are the top row are the 4 flimsies. the 2 on the left will be completed by a long arm quilter, the third one in the row is layered up and ready to tie. The one on the top right is ready to layer; it is the same layout as the pattern but she opted for one frame fabric instead of 2 and it gives the quilt a different look. That third one with the yellow background is a little different layout. We argued talked about the layout and in the end let her do it her way, after all, it is her quilt. The lone male in the group supported her choice; when I said it didn't make sense he showed me how it did. OK I give up!
The pink flimsy above is ready for borders and though the layout is the same it looks different because of having an extra background fabric. This is a breast cancer quilt and will be donated. The other 3 quilts are further along that these photos show. These shots are from yesterday, one of them has the borders on today and the other two are nearly ready for borders. I'm not sure what happened today to some of my quilt photos; I was pretty sure I got some today of these last 3. I am also not sure what happened to the shot of the one and only T shirt quilt but it is bordered on 2 sides and will be ready to layer up early tomorrow.

Today during our break we had show and tell from the adult helpers.
the top 3 quilts are all examples of quilts made with small scraps.
  The three quilts on the bottom row are examples of different fun things you can do with different techniques and scraps.

These last 4 quilts are also from the teachers. The top 2 are front and back of the same quilt. I believe this is a wall hanging in her home.

The two quilts on the bottom row are possibilities for Quilt Camp another year for returnees.

We are expecting to make good progress tomorrow and hope all of the quilters will be able to make a few blocks for a collaborative quilt before the end of the week.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
More to follow.

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