Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilt Camp 2013 Day 1

Today was our first day of Quilt Camp and it was a productive day. Most of the teens are returnees and all but one of the adults have been quilting for a long time. I myself got off to a wrong start when I had to turn around and go back home for my hearing aids which made me about 15 minutes late getting there. We were planning for all the adults to be there at 9AM, an hour before the teens but most of the teens came at 9 as well.  Not to worry, even though we didn't have the hour than we planned to go over details with the adults all went along in the usual orderly chaos.

These photos were shot at the end of our first day. The pattern we're using is Warm Wishes and the photo in the upper left is a good example of the original pattern. We had a meeting 2 weeks ago to give some fabric selection guidelines and then everyone purchased their own fabric.

Some of the student quilters opted to use 4 patch blocks instead of  a focus fabric inside the "frames".  One of the girls is making a T shirt quilt. She has been with us for 6 years and has demonstrated that she can follow instructions and get the work done so we took a chance on letting her make something different and it seems to be going well. There are some ways in which a few of the quilts will be customized and that doesn't show up yet on the design walls.
There are 3 more quilts that I somehow missed in the end of the day quick photo shoot but everyone is moving along well and I think by the end of the day tomorrow we will have 9 Flimsies. I wonder if they all know what a Flimsy is.
More to follow.

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