Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I was rummaging through my fabrics yesterday and came across some fabric that I really don't like. It is a fairly recent purchase and I can't understand why I bought it. There is nothing about it that I like. There it was taking up space and I thought that it would make a good useful grocery shopping bag. I took one of my plastic grocery bags and cut the bottom and the handles to flatten it out and made a pattern. I decided to use some bias binding on the cut edges to make it sturdier and perhaps make it better looking.

Well ugly is still ugly. Jack thought it was too small so I decided to make another ugly bag and found a similar larger pattern on line.
I would not be seen carrying these bags but as we usually bag our stuff by the car it will be OK. Jack can carry them in when we get home. I will use the better looking bags I made a few years ago when we were snowed in for a few days.

Recently, while I was decluttering and we were improving my sewing space, Jack installed an under cabinet light on the bottom of the shelf over my cutting area. Lighting has always been an issue in my sewing room. There is no overhead lighting and lamps take up valuable space and always seem to be in the wrong place and need to be moved around.
I  took these two photos without the flash and they show a difference but in real life light the difference is much more pronounced. It even lights up the stitching area on my machine when I am set up for quilting.

I was so pleased with the light I rewarded Jack by sewing some missing buttons on his clothes. That brings up another subject. When I got out my button box and dumped all the loose buttons (on my new counter under the new light) I decided I really needed to organize my buttons; that is what I spent the day doing yesterday. I bagged all the carded buttons and strung together all the buttons that where alike and put assorted buttons by size, small, medium and large in zip lock bags and did the same with all the assorted light and dark shirt buttons. I'll see how well this works next time I need to sew on a button. No photos of this; the only thing more boring than ugly  bags is a boring box of bagged buttons. How's that for alliteration.

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