Friday, August 23, 2013

A Flimsy plus.....

If you make a quilt top and a quilt back do you have 2 flimsies or should you say a flimsy and a back? I know it really doesn't matter, I always get a lot of show and tell or blog posting mileage out of my projects; I guess I could claim I am showing my progress.

Baby quilt 37 x 37 front and back

I brought the striped bear fabric home from our last quilt group meeting at church. One of our members buys baby fabric when it is on sale and she brought a bunch of it to encourage us to get busy on some baby quilts. I thought I would have something to go with it but there was not enough of what was right. I don't have much in the way of soft pastels so I picked up some yellow, pink, green and blue fat quarters.

I  had started to clean up and put things in order after I finished quilting the other baby quilts. I dragged the vacuum in and clean the floor but then I got interrupted and when I got back to my sewing room I played with Electric Quilt and worked out what I wanted to do and I started cutting. I ran out of steam after I cut strips for the 9 patch blocks so I finished up today.
I am going to layer this one up and quilt it even though I bought home fabric for another baby quilt. I usually like to quilt more than one quilt while I have my room set up for quilting but I don't feel like making another baby quilt right now. I think we are caught up with baby quilts in our closet at church. If not those babies will just have to wait.
I really need to clear some walking and working space
 before I have an accident in the sewing room.

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