Thursday, October 31, 2013


The quilt and I got together and we agree that the patch had to go.
I do not know why all the of photos are different colors. I shot them in the same place with the same light and auto setting.  Ah well that is not the point of the photo collage (not this time anyway).

On the Left is the offending patch, not really terrible but it doesn't seem right in the overall picture.
Center is the hole where the patch was removed. I am getting good at removing small  pieces without taking out whole seams.
On the Right is the new patch.

Voila, the whole flimsy, finished, yes it is. The quilt has stopped asking for anything more.

When I thought it over I came to the conclusion that I did not need to change anything on the lower right side of that border because it had the zig zag fabric on the right in the next border.
I had made the decision in the first border around the giraffe panel to have all the zig zag  fabric in the piece oriented in the same direction. Kind of like it was a background and everything was laying on top of it. I didn't know at the time how or where I would use the fabric again or even if I would use it again. I think I made the right decision but right or wrong it is done.
It is what it is!

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kathyf said...

It is even more beautiful in person.