Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Back

It has been a long time since my last post. I have been busy finishing up some things and busy with things other than quilting; none of it was worth posting.
I altered and shortened a bridesmaid  dress and I have a brand new appreciation for what goes into the construction of a strapless dress after deconstructing the zipper installation and reinstalling the zipper after taking in the seam. Then there were four layers of skirt. It is done....... and that sound you hear is a deep sigh of relief. This really taxed my skills.

Our quilt group at church usually has a weekend retreat in the fall at a Y camp on Lake Erie. This year our plans fell through and we decided to have two days of sewing at the church instead. There were 9 of us on Friday for some sewing before a pot luck supper and 2 hours of sewing after we ate.

A great thing about this week end was having some young people with us. One of the girls from summer Quilt Camp joined us both days  and Saturday another girl from quilt Camp and her mother joined us, along with a granddaughter and her friend of one of our group. One of our members came with her two daughters on Saturday for the day.
Sharon started this quilt after quilt camp last summer using the  pattern we used for QC. The one she made this summer and this one are for her two grandmothers; she worked on it all weekend. On the right is another of our Quilt Campers she and her mother came Saturday afternoon to make "made fabric" blocks for an  quilt that everyone at Quilt Camp contributed to and which will be auctioned at a fundraiser the youth group will have in the spring.

Emily is working on really colorful  quilt. She has not been old enough for Quilt Camp but she has been sewing at home with her mother (middle photo). On the right. you can see all the shreds that have been trimmed away as her locks were squared up. She couldn't find bright enough fabric so she used some bright bandannas along with black and white dotted fabric. Good choice!

Here are all the ladies (young and old older) working on their made fabric squares.

Betty makes a lot of quilts using scraps, some of them very small as in this pine tree quilt and others are strip pieced using large scraps and in the "many trips" flimsy. Some of her quilts she quilts by hand and you can see the quilting in the close up.  she also make a  lot of quilts with a planned fabric palette show in the lower right corner.

Here is most of the group; Dorine couldn't make it Saturday and Kim had to take one of her girls to a birthday party. I am on the other side of the camera.  The six in the middle are the young people OH WAIT! That is Debbie in the red shirt in the center; she is not one of the girls but she is young at heart.

We had a good week end and though we missed the sunsets over Lake Erie it was more than made up for by having the girls join us. We hope they will make it a habit the second Saturday of the month.


kathyf said...

What fun. It's good to see everyone in the picture and wonderful that you had so many youngsters.

Anonymous said...

What fun!