Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anvil blocks

Saturday I was given a large piece of "made fabric" by Fran, one of the Basement Divas. She doesn't really like making fabric. I was only too happy to have it.
I cut some 4 inch squares and some 6 inch squares and I made one Anvil block.
This will round up the number of Anvil blocks with blue backgrounds that I am going to send to Victoria (Bumblebeans) for the cancer quilts that she makes. I had the Friendship group make blocks for me in October and I asked for half of them with blue background. I wasn't sure why I had only 11 when there are 12 in the group. Oh.....I had left out myself so I used Fran's fabric to make my block. Most of the Friendship group is in the Basement group and most of the Basement Divas are in the Friendship group. Fran is one of those who is not part of the Friendship group however her fabric worked out very well.

These are the 12 blocks I will be sending after I clean up all the extra threads and shreds. Everyone always does a good job of cleaning up their blocks but they have been in my sewing room a while and on and off the wall where they pick up threads left behind by other things that were on the wall.

Alas! All but a handful of leaves are gone from the tree. This will be the last tree report until spring unless the winter brings some really spectacular snow art to the trees.


kathyf said...

I never clean up my work!
You are short a couple of friendship blocks as well and one person made you 2 blue and no peach/gold etc so you will come up short there.

Susie said...

Caught up on the peach/gold anvil block at Friendship so you shouldn't come up short on those. Had to take a time out after twisting the one around.