Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Sewing

I haven't been doing any sewing for a couple of days. I have been busy catching up with things that need to be done. sometimes that is a good thing because while I am doing other things my subconscious mind is busy mulling over the things that I am not sure about in my quilting.

Just so I have something to show, I  am posting a picture of an old fall wall hanging that is hanging from September until the Christmas quilts come out. I made this a long time ago when I was making color wash quilts. Probably 20 some years ago. I keep saying I do not like brown but I guess that is not really true because this is one of my favorite quilts and I do have a fair amount of brown around the place.

I picked out all but one of the fabrics for this quilt on a road trip with our quilt guild. It was October and I am sure I was influenced by all of the glorious fall Ohio foliage.

You would not guess from this shot, taken this morning, of our tree that it is fall in NE Ohio.
The leaves are getting more sparse but still a lot of green on this tree from our window.

What has been keeping me from sewing has to do with my cell phone. I was searching everywhere for it and I made a few phone calls and send an email to my friends to determine if anyone had found it or if it somehow found it's way into someone's things.  I have been complaining about that phone ever since I got it last January 27 when I misplaced my last cell phone (which I found the minute my husband got off the phone setting up my new phone and transferring my minutes). So yesterday we went out and got a new phone and I  have been busy learning how to do everything and entering all my contacts. I have not found my old phone but I expect it will turn up any time now. In case you are wondering, I did try calling my cell phone but I had turned it off in church on Sunday and I am pretty sure I never turned it back on. The bright side is that since the last time we when through this Tracfon has improved the way one communicates with them and it took a few minutes on the computer and a one minute phone call to accomplish the change to the new phone instead of 2 hours and much frustration.
This is a good reminder of how patient Jack is. He doesn't complain when we have to search for my keys or phone. Because I don't always hear well on the phone he has to make all the phone calls to get my phone stuff straightened out. I guess he is just used to resigned to it as I have been this way all my life.

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Cristina said...

Oh, this quilt is absolutely amazing, I like it a lot! It is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen!