Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another house

I made one more house on
Friday. Still not wonky, maybe because I had the roof made and needed to fit everything to the roof. Maybe because some of Mr. Picky and Precise  has rubbed off on me.  I was  going to use made fabric but I have been trying in vain to clean up my sewing room and I didn't want to drag out the made fabric and scraps to make it worse. As it was, I dragged out enough stuff from my boxes of  fabrics sorted by color.

I usually get out all the Christmas quilts and dishes on the weekend after Thanksgiving. I got all  the quilted things out but have not tackled the dishes; that requires putting away the hand painted china that my mother painted nearly100  years ago. I  like to have a clear space to work so  there are no mishaps.

Last year I decided I need one more Christmas quilt; this year I can't imagine where I would put it.

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