Monday, February 10, 2014

A Change of Plan

I sewed the Tumbling Charms blocks together today It is almost a flimsy but not quite. I decided that I will probably not use a piano key border. I auditioned the fabric we bought for the borders and backing and I like it. There is blue green in almost every block and the blue green fabric looks good.  When this is finished it will be auctioned at the Youth Group Dinner theater and Auction at our church. I think it will have a wider appeal than the scrappy piano key border. That is my opinion but maybe I am getting lazy so I am hoping for some feedback.

I shot these two photos when I had it partially together, sewed in groups of
 4  and 6 blocks.
I decided to have one more look before I went ahead and I saw something awry in the lower left corner. There was a group of 4 blocks turned 180 degrees counterclockwise.  This is an easy layout to get mixed up and I can hardly believe this was the only place I turned something around.

I am almost afraid to look it over again but I probably ought to, just in case.

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Susie said...

Ruth - I like your color choice for the border. The blue makes the top cohesive and pulls everthing together. As always, another good looking quilt.