Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friendship Block

I finally got around to making Gwen's Friendship block. I always grumble (to myself of course) when I have to make something that requires thought and creativity and I always procrastinate. Gwen gave us instructions for making a "shop'  of our choice from the pattern "The Shop Ladies" by Sue Pritt. Sue has several really sweet patterns on her website that are worth checking out "Sweet Seasons Quilts".
I read the instructions almost 2 months ago and set them aside until Monday when I read them over several times before I formulated a plan of attack. Once I decided on what kind of shop I would make the rest was fairly simple, not really easy with cutting all  those little  dresses but simple.  Some of the parts were stitched together and some of them were fused. I don't do a lot of fusing so that part was kind of fussy for me. After I sewed the first floor together I decided to put a name in the window so I scanned the background fabric and then made a sign in Word and printed it on fabric. I thought it might come out the same but it  is not as bright as the yellow background fabric in the window. I wish I had printed it on the window fabric but I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was at that point.
Gwen will add trees and lampposts when she puts the blocks together. I decided to skip putting a flower pot or anything else in front of my shop but I did consider a topiary. When Gwen gets all her blocks together she can decide if it needs something else.
All in all
it really was
 a fun block to make.

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