Thursday, February 6, 2014

Table topper? Wall hanging ? Banner?

Yesterday was another stay at home snow day for us. My Bernina is still not home so I can't get started on any quilting. It has been a long time since I made anything new for February decor.  Hmmm.... maybe a table topper or maybe a wall hanging. No, not a wall hanging I have a color wash wall hanging that I like. Maybe a banner, a heart banner, a made fabric heart banner, something quick, easy, whimsical, something not too serious.

So yesterday while the snow came down this is what I made from red, pink and white scraps and strips. They were easy and not too serious but they were not fast. I never seem to accomplish fast. When I am making something to cut into squares I don't use a foundation but for something that is going to be a specific shape, like a heart, I used a fabric foundation and after adding each strip, I trimmed it back to it the foundation. I also folded the foundation back and trimmed the seam to 1/4 inch. The foundation is a little over size but not so much the I don't see pretty much the way the whole thing will look when it is trimmed.

Is that compulsive? Well maybe but I like to think of it as intentional. OK maybe that is just another way to say compulsive. Now I have to decide on table topper or banner. If I make a banner I just have to fuse something on the back, trim them, and string them together.

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail. There was one 2 1/2 inch strip of fabric from Connecting Threads in this box, along with a letter of explanation.
About 2 weeks ago, I had ordered 2 Jelly Rolls one red and one blue. They discovered the blue rolls that they sent out to customers were missing 1 strip. They determine which strip they missed and sent them to their customers. I think that is pretty amazing.
When  I ordered them, I knew the  fabric rolls had unequal numbers of strips, one was 18 and one was 20 and I never counted them and never really missed one.  I sorted the strips in the order that I wanted to sew them together (for the Diva's annual Jellyroll Race) and I thought " I wish there was one white background with blue like that white and red one". Guess what? That was the one they sent.
Here are my strips all sorted in order and rolled up to get them out of the way. They are all ready to unroll and start sewing them end to end for another red, white and blue Jellyroll Race quilt.


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Annie said...

Wonderful scrappy hearts, Ruth! Whether you choose banner or runner, it's going to be great looking.