Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anvil blocks

 I was unable to stand the bare horizontal surfaces yesterday so I decided to make the rest of the anvil blocks need to make the top.
 the one on the left has made fabric for the HST's; in the one on the left I used made fabric and plain squares for the HST's. For the center block I used all plain fabric (if you can call Laurel Burch fabric plain). I have had this fabric for a long time and hard ever use it because it is too wonderful to cut up for just anything. I have used it one in a while to cut small squares for something or other. I have to remember that nothing is so wonderful that it should live in a box in the closet; if it stays there long enough one day it will turn out to be not wonderful at all.

These 2 squares are 6 1/2 inch made fabric to be used for the centers of anvil blocks. I had 2 squares that I decided to "fix"; one was too small and one had a black and white 4 patch in the center that I had trimmed wonkyas a starter center. I didn't like the black and white. Sometimes you need to leave well enough alone. I am not enchanted with either one, especially the bottom one. I slashed it across the center in two directions and added the orange and then I didn't like it so I slashed it again and added the yellow. Now I am having a talk with myself trying to decide whether to use them or not. I sometimes get really compulsive about the last one or two  blocks I am finishing and work them over and over trying to make them perfect. I think that is what I am thinking here.
Who was it that said "Make peace with imperfection"?

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