Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quilt Camp Block

I have been playing with a block that will be an option for some of the more experienced participants.
 Everyone will be given the option of making  uneven Rail Fence blocks but those with more experience can opt to add a connector corner. I hadn't made a sample yet but talked to someone yesterday who voiced some concerns about the connector corner. I decided I should at least make 4 blocks to see how they would go together in 4 block sections.

The blocks are 6 inches, finished, and these 4 block sections would become 12 inch blocks.
These are 3 possibilities. I have yet to play with them to see how they work in a full quilt layout. Because of our time constraints we probably would not want to add the extra step of sashing the blocks. Sashing would avoid having to match the points of the triangles  that would come together.  The block in the upper right would probably be the best choice for that reason. I will play with these in EQ a little more after tomorrow.   Today I need to clean up my sewing room a little and get out to the grocery store for some last minute items.

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