Saturday, May 31, 2014

Almost a Flimsy

The body of the Mary Ellen Hopkins challenge is finished. I finished all the blocks and sewed them together but the border is not on yet. This where I am stopping for now. I have other things that need to be done and I probably shouldn't have taken a week to play with this but I needed to see how it would develop.
This is a side view, the pattern (3 rows) on the left are a change from what I intended.

When  I was starting to make
  the blocks with the small square in the center I thought that having what I intended interrupted the pattern. These 2 EQ shots show my original intention on top and the change on the bottom.

I changed a quite a few things as I went along. This fabric on the right was my inspiration and I chose all the fabrics to go with it. The two test blocks I made next to it quickly changed my mind about using it. No matter which way I turned the blocks they were not going to work. The fabric would have worked for a border but there was only a 2/3 yard piece.

This is the border fabric I will use; although it is a smaller scale it looks good. 

This last shot is all my  parts that are left over due to my mistakes. I had  many interruptions that stopped me in the middle of something. When I returned to what I was doing, I either cut more strips or made more of something I already had.
I think that when there are many changes in colors as there was with this project it would be best to figure it all out ahead of time and then do all the cutting at once. I was well on my way to doing exactly that until I changed the colors completely and I just didn't want to do it all over again switching back and forth between EQ and Word, copying and pasting and resizing etc.
Well anyway.... it all worked out. I didn't run out of any fabric and I will use all the leftover pieces on the back of the quilt. I plan on using my inspiration fabric on the back as well. For now it is all going to be put away while I tend to other things.

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