Thursday, May 22, 2014

More finishes and a repair

I haven't accomplished much organizing and purging in the last few days. For one thing, we were pet sitting from early Tuesday afternoon until late Wednesday afternoon. We stayed with my daughter's dog and cat at their house while they took a short get away trip. My son dropped off his dog too as they will be away until Sunday. The dogs are well behaved and the cat is no trouble; we all enjoyed being outside while I raked a ton of Oak leaves out of the flower beds.
Before we went out to pet sit I finished another 2 things that I came across as I was sorting through my boxes. I had cut out a Grab Bag purse (click on link for tutorial from All People Quilt) about 3 years ago and never finished it so I whipped that together in a short time.

 I made one for myself about 3 years ago for a summer purse and it was great to have something that I didn't have to fuss with to keep the strap on my shoulder. I don't load it down with anything really heavy because it is small so it just hangs on my wrist and I can use my hands without having to hold on to it. I put pockets inside this one with a little button flap to keep a phone and billfold from falling out. I'm not sure what I will do with this one, maybe give it to one of my granddaughters.

The other thing I finished was a pair of  Square Oven Mitts  from a Bolt Neighborhood blog tutorial. I made these for all the ladies in the family 2 years ago and I had some extra ones that I had started but never finished. My granddaughter said she set hers down on what she thought was a cold burner and burned holes in hers; these will go to her. I also set one of mine down on the stove so I will finish the other extra pair I have for myself.

The only thing I accomplished today was to repair some worn areas on this quilt. That plaid square next to the red patch on the bottom row is appliqued over a worn patch. there were only a few places that needed repair this time but I repaired a lot of the squares 2 years ago. They were all plaid fabric that I won at a Roberta Horton lecture about 20 years ago. All of the worn squares were in the corners of the quilt where Jack  puts his foot on the outside of the bed covers. He has rough dry feet that have been hard on the corners of the quilt. This photo below is the only one that I can find of the quilt. It is hand quilted, 108 inches square and  symmetrical; the blocks are 12 inches. That light area is just glare from the flash and the color in the photo above is closer to the true color. It is not so light and bright; this was made in 1996 and the fabric at that time was kind of gray and dull. I named this Jack's quilt because, with some prompting from me, he said it was wonderful so I told him it was his quilt. It is the only large quilt we sleep under as it has poly batting and it is light weight. Now that it had been repaired again it will go back on our bed in the cold weather. I think that will make Jack happy and it will make me happy because he uses Gold Bond foot cream at night and wears socks to bed in the winter. (That was his own decision not something I told him to do Honest!)

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