Sunday, July 20, 2014

A little lesson

The Basement Divas met today I took a break from packing. I won a basket at a meeting recently and one of the items in the basket was Susan Cleveland's Piping Hot Binding tool and booklet. Jan had taken a class with Susan when she taught locally a year or so ago and today she gave me a lesson.

Here is my little 9 1/2 inch square with piping and binding. It is always so much easier to have someone who knows how to do something demonstrate than to go through the directions myself and bumble through. Jan was very nice and patient, as she always is.
Almost all my fabric has been packed up as well as all of the  various feet from all 3 of my machines.  I found this little square already quilted along with 4 strips that I has used to demo faux piping a long time ago. I had one box of black fabric still not packed up where I found something to use for binding.  Jan set up her own machine for me to use for my lesson. I now have a new technique to use. Even though it is an easy technique, I might have given up at the first thing that went wrong if I had done this on my own. Thanks Jan.
It was good to get away from the mess for a few hours and it is always good to get together with my friends. There are packed boxes everywhere and the end is in sight. Jack says anything not packed up by Wednesday he will just throw in whatever boxes are empty; that will be just fine with me.

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