Sunday, August 3, 2014


I wasn't really ready to sew on Friday; I don't have the room set up and there are still things that need to be unpacked and the boxes are taking up space and blocking access to things I need.  

The great grandkids arrived and wanted to sew. I don't like to discourage them by making them wait just in case they lose interest altogether in sewing. I dragged out my cutting table and my Janome Gem (that I am going to give to Grace) and she made a pillowcase.

 Her brother wants to make one too but I have to get more organized. It is just too much trouble cutting with a scissors, the light on the machine is not working since the move, and there are some other issues with trying to sew in a makeshift setup.

We'll get there........ but not today,
maybe not tomorrow either.

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Janet said...

Wonderful pillow! Better hurry up and get organized grandma!