Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not much sewing going on

It seems like I have been doing everything but quilting and that means I've had nothing much to post.
I finished the tree skirt and don't have a photo of it and I already gave it away. I did finish my bedroom window curtains too.
About a month ago Jack hung my 2 bulletin boards in my sewing room, They used to be on either side of my window in my old sewing room now they are side by side like one board. I also covered some foam core panels with gray flannel and hung up 3 small bulletin boards where I hung some small pieces. I have been starving for color as there is a lot of white and brown here. There are 2 shelves above my sewing machine; the top one is about 6 ft. high and the other 24 inches below it. I put one board there with some of my small zentangle quilts. I was going to hang something more colorful  but decided to hang my tangle quilts for a while.

The shelves butt up against the bookcase in the corner,  around on the corner on the next wall I hung the next skinny bulletin board with a few small things. Next to the bulletin board is the window above my desk and on the other side I hung another small bulletin board above a tall narrow chest. A 24 inch square cat quilt hangs there. Just around the corner, above my quilt rack on the next wall, is my Diva quilt; it is 45 inches square so you can see the quilts in this collage are not to scale.

I am feeling more at home now with some of my own favorite colors around me.

When the weather turned cold this fall I put my plaid quilt on the bed but it has a lot of black in it and though it has a lot of other colors it isn't colorful enough. It is also in need of repair again as some of the patches are wearing out. I exchanged the plaid quilt for an all floral log cabin quilt, which is too heavy to sleep under. I keep it folded across the foot of the bed and only open it up if we have company (so I can show off). I quilted it in sections and used florals on the back and I like the back as well as the front.
Last Wednesday Jack hung my Red Flowers quilt over our bed.

The Red Flowers will stay where it is but I will be getting out all of the Christmas quilts this week and the rest will all be changed soon.

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Annie said...

Oh, Ruthie, what are saying?...you finished the tree skirt and sent it away and NO photo of its finish?!!! How could you do this to me?! I was so looking forward to seeing that finish. I tease you. Because I know the process so well, I can totally "see" the finish through your last progress photos of it. I hope your recipient is enjoying it.